The concept of urban change

Seminar organised by Israel Finkelstein from 6 – 11 juillet 2009


Nezar Al Sayyad, Gideon Avni, Zynep Celik, Ronnie Ellenblum (organisateur), Israel Finkelstein (organisateur), Noah Hysler-Rubin, Willem Jongman, Anthony D. King, Ray Laurence, Jodi Magness, Irad Malkin, Hellen Meller, Pierre de Miroschedji, Alan Murray, Haim Yacobi

Programme and communications

Tuesday, July 7th

Opening remarks – Ronnie Ellenblum

Morning: Creation and Conceptualization

Ray Laurence, University of Birmingham
Rome and the Roman City: the Creation of a stable Concept of the City?

Israel Finkelstein, Tel Aviv University
The Origin of Highlands Capitals in the Levant

Afternoon: Immigration, Domination and Networks

Irad Malkin, Tel Aviv University
Networks of Urban Change

Anthony King, State University of New York
Colonial and Post-Colonial cities – Pivots of Change

Haim Yacobi, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
« Let me go to The city »: African asylum seekers and the geopolitics of Israeli cities

Wednesday, July 8th

Morning:  Changing Concepts of the Urban

Helen Meller, University of Nottingham
Patrick Geddes and his Concept of Regional Survey: Methods of Social Reform or Tool for Urban Planners?

Noah Hysler Rubin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Changing Urban Concept: Re-reading the History of Modern Town Planning

Afternoon: Urban Images and Realities

Allan Murray, University of Leeds
Urban Demographics and Urban Space in Jerusalem 1099-1187

Gideon Avni, Israel Antiquities Authority and the Hebrew University
Between Hagia Polis and al-Quds: Conceptual Images and urban layout in Early Islamic Jerusalem.

Nezar al-Sayyad, University of California at Berkeley
Medieval Modernity

Thursday, July 9th

Morning: Indicators of Urban Change

Pierre de Miroschedji, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Early Bronze Age Cycle of Urbanization in the Southern Levant

Willem Jongman, University of Groningen
Towards an economic history of urbanism in Roman Italy

Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina
Pottery as an Indicator of Changes in Diet and Dining Habits in Cities of Byzantine and Early Islamic Palestine

Afternoon: Tour

Friday, July 10th

Morning: Re-narrating the City

Zeynep Çelik, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Ottoman Modernity, French Colonialism, and the ‘Islamic’ City.

Ronnie Ellenblum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Islamizing the City? The Creation of the Muslim Quarter and the Via Dolorosa in 14th century Jerusalem.

Jean-Robert Pitte, Université Paris – Sorbonne
Invention of Townscape during end of Middle Age and Renaissance in Europe

Afternoon: Business Meetings and Closing Remarks

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