Structure et dynamique des réseaux de régulation cellulaire / Structure and Dynamics of Cellular Regulatory Networks

Colloque organisé par Albert Goldbeter (Université Libre de Bruxelles) et Marc Vidal (Harvard University) du 6 au 11 juin 2011


Bertrand Benazeraf, François-Yves Bouget, Jacques Demongeot, Claude Gérard, Albert Goldbeter, Thomas Höfer, Marcelline Kaufman, Steve A. Kay, Patrick Lemaire, Alfonso Martinez Arias, Vidyanand Nanjundiah, Bela Novak, Norbert Perrimon, David Rand, Nicolas Simonis, Denis Thieffry, John J. Tyson, Jacques van Helden, Michael White


Systems Biology deals with the experimental and theoretical study of interactions within biological regulatory networks. The theme of this workshop is at the core of the rapidly developing field of Systems Biology as it pertained to the structural organization of cellular regulatory networks, and to the various modes of dynamical behavior associated with such regulatory interactions. In regard to the first aspect, a session was devoted to interactome networks. The dynamical aspects were considered in regulatory networks involved in development and differentiation, cellular signaling, circadian clocks, and the cell cycle. A session was also devoted to the regulatory structure and dynamics of immune networks.

Of the 19 participants who took part in the Workshop, three were post-docs; 14 came from Europe (5 from France, 5 from Belgium, 3 from England, and 1 from Germany), 4 came from the USA, and 1 from India. Participants coming from a variety of fields had either an experimental or a theoretical background. This allowed for most fruitful interactions between leading experimentalists and theoreticians developing models for cellular regulatory networks closely related to experimental observations. The success of the workshop was made possible thanks to the exceptional facilities and the harmonious, truly unique environment of the Fondation des Treilles.


  • Albert Goldbeter: Introduction to the workshop and Fondation des Treilles
  • Patrick Lemaire (Montpellier): « From gene to shape via gene regulatory networks in developing ascidian embryos »
  • Bertrand Bénazéraf (IGBMC, Strasbourg): « A systems biology approach to vertebrate embryo axis elongation and patterning »
  • Nicolas Simonis (Brussels): « Interactome networks: Achievements, challenges, and applications to human diseases »
  • Jacques van Helden (Brussels): « From network topologies to systems behavior: avoiding the mirages of large-scale network statistics »
  • Norbert Perrimon (Harvard): « Drosophila signaling networks »
  • Mike White (Manchester): « The role of noise and cellular heterogeneity in the regulation of cell signalling and transcription »
  • Marcelline Kaufman (Brussels): « Logical, differential and stochastic modeling: the example of the p53/Mdm2 network »
  • Alfonso Martinez-Arias (Cambridge, UK) : « Gene regulatory networks and transition states in development »
  • François-Yves Bouget (Banyuls): « Transcriptional and non-transcriptional circadian oscillators in the smallest free-living eukaryote »
  • Steve Kay (UC San Diego): « Large scale biology approaches to understanding circadian networks »
  • David Rand (Warwick): « Design principles of circadian clocks »
  • Thomas Höfer (Heidelberg): « Dynamic regulatory networks govern T cell proliferation and differentiation »
  • Denis Thieffry (Paris): « Logical modelling of cell fate specification ».
  • Bela Novak (Oxford): « Systems-level feedback makes cell cycle transitions irreversible »
  • John Tyson (Virginia Tech): « Getting things right in a noisy milieu: Stochastic models of the cell cycle »
  • Albert Goldbeter and Claude Gérard (Brussels): « Coupling the cell cycle and the circadian clock networks »
  • Vidya Nanjundiah (Bangalore): « Autonomous and non-autonomous factors in multicellular development and social behavior »
  • Jacques Demongeot (Grenoble): « General architecture of a genetic regulatory network. Applications to embryologic and immunologic control »

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