Système immunitaire et cancer

Colloque organisé du 24 juin au 28 septembre 1985 par René Lefever et Jacques Urbain, à l’instigation du professeur Ilya Prigogine, le séminaire « Système immunitaire et cancer » a réuni des chimistes, des biologistes et des médecins.

Les interventions ont relevé de quatre thèmes principaux :

  • Regulatory mechanisms in the immune system and growth control
  • Cancer, immunity and metastasis,
  • Cell mediated immune responses
  • Manipulation of the anti-tumor immune response


  • Paola Allavena (Instituto Mario Negri, Milan, Italy), Regulation and function of tumor infiltrating leucocytes
  • Benjamin Bonavida (UCLA, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, USA), The role of soluble cytotoxic factors in cell mediated cytotoxicity
  • Denis M. Callewaert (Oakland University, Dept. of Chemistry, USA), Kinetic analysis of natural cytotoxicity
  • Jean-Charles Cerottini (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Epalinges, Suisse), The function of cytotoxic T lymphocytes
  • Klaus Eichmann (Max Planck Institute for Immunology, Freiburg, Germany), T cell repertoire
  • Michael Feldman (Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovot, Israel), Genes and antigens of metastasis
  • Philip Frost (The University of Texas, Houston, USA), Tumor metastasis
  • Pierre Golstein (CNRS, Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille Luminy, France), Mechanisms of cytotoxicity
  • Mark I. Green (Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, USA), The T lymphocyte suppressor cascade
  • Karl Erik Hellström (University of Washington, Oncogene Corporation, Seattle, USA), Idiotypic manipulations of the anti-tumor response
  • Thierry Hercend (Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France), Mechanisms of tumor cell recognition by human natural killer lymphocytes
  • Jean Hiernaux (Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Sce Chimie-Physique II, Belgique), Kinetic analysis of CTL clones
  • Johan Hoebecke (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris VI)
  • Dieter Kabelitz (University of Ulm, Germany), Induction of EBV specific MHC restricted human toxicity T cells
  • René Lefever (Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgique), Dynamical properties of cancer tissue attacked by immune cytotoxic cells
  • Julia G. Levy (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada), Role of T supressor lymphocytes in the anti-tumor response
  • Jacqueline Marvel (Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgique)
  • Maria-Grazia Masucci (Karolinska Institute, Stockhom, Sweden), Oncogene activation and tumor immunity
  • Patricia Meyers (Laboratoire de Physiologie animale, Rhode St-Genèse, Belgique)
  • Aviron N. Mitchison (University College London (UCL), Dept. of Zoology), Immunoregulatory T lymphocytes
  • Ilya Prigogine (1917-2003) (Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Instituts Internationaux de Physique Chimie, Belgique), Opening remarks
  • Patrick A. Riley (School of Medicine, University College London (UCL)), Melanocyte destruction initiated by tyrosine analogs as an approach to melano therapy
  • John H. Russel (Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, USA), Mechanisms of cytolysis
  • Moncef Slaoui (Medical School Boston, USA)
  • Dominique Stehelin (Institut Pasteur, Laboratoire d’Oncologie moléculaire, Paris), Viral and cellular oncogenes
  • Jacques Urbain (Laboratoire de Physiologie animale, Rhode St-Genèse, Belgique), Idiotypic networks: order from the beginning or order out of chaos?
  • Catherine Uyttenhove (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Epalinges, Suisse), Enhancement of tumor immunity
  • Frederick E. Wheelock (Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphie, USA), Tumor dormance

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